Project Description

Incoming Quality Control

Why reception control?

Ctrl Vision is a reception control module for monitoring and managing incoming and outgoing production quality levels. Based on ISO2859 and ISO3951 quality standards, it allows you to confidently accept or reject production lots using proven data driven methods.

Our incoming quality control software does all the hard work for you: using statistical sampling theory, AQL (acceptable quality level), SPC charts and historical supplier performance. It provides a simple and fast accept/reject decision.


  • Supplier monitoring: We provide you a key tool for monitoring suppliers and controlling both incoming and outgoing final quality levels.
  • Time-saving: Ctrl Vision is also a dynamic tool which will automatically increase or decrease the level of inspection and control required to ensure confident and accurate decision are made by inspectors.
  • The plus: You could follow not only your ISO alarms but also drift of your dimensional measures (SPC alarms).

Key features

  • Ergonomic data input
  • Statistical monitoring of each batch
  • Powerful parameter configuration
  • Clear and complete reporting
  • Single database
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