Our specialization: Quality control software & continuous improvement

The company was founded in 1989 in France by industrial engineer Corinne Clesse. The vision was to create a new SPC software which would not only record and chart measurements, but would be a real production tool for measuring and controlling a process. The key concept was having powerful features and functionalities, with an easy and user-friendly system. The first version of SPC Vision was released in 1995, and immediately noticed by industries leaders.

After this initial success, Infodream developed a complete range of quality software and In 2010, Check’n Go, our production management software was launched. Infodream now offers several complementary software solutions for industry: from production to quality. All our software is part of modular Qual@xy Suite.

Infodream headquarters are in France but we have 2 subsidiary companies: Infodream Ltd in UK (2007) and Infodream Inc. in USA (2016). Our clients are situated globally including United States, France, Canada, South Africa, China, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland and Morocco.

Our software has been installed on thousands workstations in many companies. We are proud about having some very prestigious clients many of which have selected our solution as their corporate wide standard.

Infodream, an international company

North America

  • Infodream Inc: Seattle (United States)


  • Infodream Ltd : Cardiff (United Kingdom)
  • Infodream : Aix-les-Bains (France)

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