Infodream is a member of the following organizations:


PNAA (Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance) is an organization promoting growth of the aerospace industry in the Northwest region of the United States.

For further information, visit PNAA website.


NAFAN (North American French Aerospace Network) is an informal mutual aid network of French aerospace companies in North America.

For further information, visit NAFAN website.


Gifas: GIFAS is a French organization of more than 300 aerospace, defense and spacial companies. The objective of Gifas is to promote the French aerospace industry for example with Trade shows, events..

For further information, visit Gifas website.

Aerospace Cluster

Aerospace Cluster: Aerospace Cluster Rhône-Alpes & Auvergne brings together aerospace companies, research laboratories and training centers located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, France. Aerospace Cluster aims to install Auvergne Rhône-Alpes as a recognized region for its ability to develop technological solutions for aeronautics and space.

For further information, visit Aerospace Cluster website.

Le Club du MES

Le Club du MES is French association that brings together MES software suppliers. This association aims to promote and develop applications and actions related to MES. Le Club du MES is a patner to MESA International in the United States.

Infodream, with her MES softare : Qual@xy Suite joined the Club du MES.

For further information, visit Le Club du MES website.

Our partners

The nature of our product requires us to integrate with a many different systems, ranging from business operating system to metrology equipment and other industrial devices.  Infodream work with technology partners all over the world to develop solutions that satisfy our clients needs.

SAP Partner

SAP applications and services enable more than 251,000 customers to act profitably, adapt continuously, and enjoy sustainable growth.

Our partnership with SAP enables a seamless interface with the ERP system allowing customers to use our software within the framework of their business system with no duplication of activities and data to be freely exchanged.

For further information, visit SAP website.


FOREP: Held annually in October in conjunction with the SAQ (Swiss Association for Quality), the FOREP (Excellence and Performance Forum) allows us to discuss various issues related to quality. This day brings together business leaders, institutions and members of the public administration. This is a great opportunity for participants to discover new approaches to quality and have an insight into upcoming trends.

For further information, visit FOREP website.

Motion Computing

Motion Computing is a developer of slate Tablet PC, based in Texas, US. Motion F5T Tablet for Windows is effecient and speedy. You can manage many professional software, including Infodream solutions.

For further information, visit Motion Computing website.