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Aeromart is THE international business convention for the aeronautics and space industries.

It is the world’s leading event for the aerospace industry. The show is evolving to meet the demands of the sector. It connects manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, both civil and military, with suppliers by means of pre-programmed appointments.

“SMEs, ETI, your workshop will be digitised in 2021! Myth or reality? ».

This is the theme of the workshop led by Infodream at this 100% digital event.

You’ve heard about Industry 4.0, but what is it really about?
Is it for me? Should I go now before I am overtaken by the competition? How do I do it?

Ben Allister, CEO of Infodream Ltd, explains in this presentation :

– what the immediate benefits are for you and your teams;
– how to initiate your 4.0 transition, with what initial investment (material and financial) and within what timeframe?

Conference presented by :

Ben Allister,
CEO of Infodream Ltd, Cardiff (UK).

Ben Allister, CEO of Infodream Ltd

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