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I was instantly attracted by the end user simplicity and easy implementation of Check’n Go.
Eric Galanakis

After the deployment of SPC Vision for its elementary quality activity mechanic parts, (more than 100 stations are equipped today on the shop floor), Airbus Helicopters Marignane needed a solution for Manufacturing Process Management.

This need, motivated initially for monitoring quality in special treatments (Surface treatments, heat treatments and paint) has been quickly followed by the assembly activity of the Main Gearing Box of helicopters.

This research solution corresponded to the development launch of Check’n Go, Infodream’s newest software, and Airbus Helicopters has analysed this solution in the continuity of an eight year collaboration with Infodream.

« I was instantly attracted by the end user simplicity and easy implementation of Check’n Go. After a day of discussions with Infodream I was independent for the first configuration trials and I was able to set up the application and the first models quickly, which then were made available to users.

One of the strong points is the full integration with SPC Vision, allowing sharing of common data and access to the same analysis and reporting tools.’

Advantage : The configuration of the Workshops, Products, Traceability fields and Processes is very rapid and greatly facilitated by a clear and intuitive configuration interface.

The graphical interface is very user-friendly and greatly appreciated by the operators who are able to use Check’n Go after only ten minutes or so of presentation, the organisation of the applications being very close to their activity.

Check’n Go is very easy and quick to deploy, it’s an intranet solution using the standard browsers (IE8) on a centralised database (Oracle), with no specific set-up on the client stations.

I am a strong supporter of Check’n Go and we are today looking at deployment in special treatments, mechanical assembly, composite manufacturing, electrical harness assembly and maintenance and repair (MRO) »

Eric Galanakis
Production Manager SPC Vision.

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Check’n Go

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