Key features

Ctrl provides a consistent and data driven decision process to quickly validate a production lot. It is a key tool for monitoring suppliers and controlling both incoming and outgoing final quality levels.

1. Ergonomic data input

A single input screen represents one batch to be inspected. Ctrl Vision specifies the exact number of parts to be inspected, feature by feature. The correct inspection frequency and sample size is automatically calculated by Ctrl vision.

2. Statistical monitoring of each batch

All Lots are monitored using control charts for each feature. Individual measurement values are stored and used for the calculation of statistical indicators.

3. Powerful parameter configuration

Many parameters within Ctrl Vision can be easily configured by the user including sample size (fixed or variable), releasable variable size, limited variable size, control type, AQL etc. These can be set up for each product characteristic.

4. Clear and complete reporting

Ctrl Vision “Inspection Report” is completely customizable providing information on both the production batch and supplier. Other new Ctrl features have also been incorporated into the ‘Dashboard’ module.

5. Single database

Like all Infodream software. Ctrl Vision shares the central ‘Qual@xy’ database including structure and objects. This allows control charts for supplied parts to be viewed alongside SPC charts for internally manufactured products for easy comparison.