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Thursday 31 October 2019 at the La Marive conference centre in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

Theme 2019 : The 4.0 revolution and its challenges.

This year’s common thread is the digital revolution. These changes impact products, processes, working methods, managerial styles, organization and corporate culture. They can be a source of both risks and opportunities. What are they? How to manage them so that they are not suffered but profitable for the company.

Corinne Clesse, CEO of Infodream, will lead a plenary conference at 10:45 am on the theme :

Digital transformation: what if it all started with the human?

In the age of industry 4.0 and unbridled digitization, the human being in the field of production is often forgotten. In the deployment of digital systems, the operator is rarely the primary concern. Thus, we see information systems, ERP, MES or other, often rejected because of their poorly designed ergonomics and because they miss the essential needs of operators. Wouldn’t a winning approach be to involve the operators in the process ? Let us ask ourselves the right questions: what needs should we address for the benefit of the operator, what are their irritants, what risks of error are they exposed to? Starting from the human being and their daily environment, the information systems designer will ensure they are on the path to real progress, that of digital technology in the service of the human being and not the other way around. Work instructions in particular must no longer resemble what they were in their paper versions, digital technology must bring this breakthrough innovation that will lead to the saying that there was a “before” and an “after”. We will see that this approach ensures that a robust foundation is laid for a digital system at the service of the industry, and thus guarantees its success and sustainability.

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