SPC Vision software from Infodream – reference software at Airbus

Find Infodream in the special issue of Air & Cosmos magazine dedicated to the aerospace industry in Rhône-Alpes (p. 22 et p. 24)

“SPC Vision software from Infodream – reference software at Airbus

The purpose of any SPC (statistical process control) software is to pro-actively control the manufacturing process by detecting changes early thus avoiding quality problems and waste. This is done by automatically collecting and statistically analysing measurement information and providing real-time feedback to production operators and engineers.

This is the core business of Infodream (based in Aix Les Bains, France). “Developed at the request of, and with our clients, our software perfectly meets their needs, not only in quality but also in productivity, in view of their ‘lean’ approach and continual strive to increase their competitiveness,” said Corinne Clesse CEO of the company.

This has led to SPC Vision becoming the standard SPC software within Airbus and Safran groups and the preferred software for their supply chains. An SME of 20 people, Infodream is heavily involved in the aerospace sector (approximately 50% of business) which has been growing at a rate about 15% per year.

Very active in R & D, the company has also recently developed software for “paperless workshop” called ‘Check’n Go’. This provides operators with structured work instructions, presented within the context of each manufacturing step. Inexpensive, and scalable by its users, it also allows you to record all operations in a database, ensuring full traceability. It has already been chosen by, among others, Airbus Helicopters.and Thales.”