“Innovate Together” Infodream, statistical quality

Find this Infodream article in the January (9th – 15th) edition of La Tribune newspaper (p15).

“Innovate Together”

Infodream, statistical quality

Track down defects using statistics. This is the expertise offered by Infodream (Rhône-Alpes) who have over 25 years experience in the most demanding industries in terms of quality control. “Our software is widely used in aerospace, which represents half of our revenue, but also in automotive, electronics, and Swiss watch making” explains Corinne Clesse, CEO. Infodream has 20 employees and its original software called SPC Vision is used for monitoring production using SPC methods (statistical process control) to prevent defects. SPC Vision also helps engineers to analyse and understand the process by the identifying where and why defects occur so that action can be taken to reduce waste.

We invest each year between 25% and 30% of our turnover into research and development to maintain our lead in the market.” Three years ago, this investment helped to develop a new product called “Check’n go” which addresses standardising operator working methods on the shop floor through electronic work instructions. This tool is interactive and configurable to user needs. Bpi France supported Infodream on this program with a grant of 500,000 Euros and half of this R&D budget was spent on Check’n Go. Infodream now have a great relationship with Bpi France who offer great advice and support for projects. “We have established a relationship of trust” explains Corinne and we are considering working again with Bpi France to support our export goals. Infodream aims to accelerate international growth, where it currently generates 30% of its sales. Infodream ended the 2014 fiscal year with 2 million Euro sales.

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