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Join us at the ‘Progiciel Show’ in Annecy on Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Join the conference at 12:45 on the ‘green island’:

How to Control ‘Operator Dependent’ Processes?

Too often, quality problems are attributed to “operator error” or ” not working to process” However, the root cause often lies with the overall quality system with poorly defined processes and difficult to follow instructions!

But how can you ensure that operators have followed the correct process and manufacturing instructions?

You need a simple and easy to implements solution that not only meets your requirements and constraints but which also suits your specific environment:

  • Because you must meet manufacturing regulatory requirements
  • Because your customer expect it!
  • To gain a competitive advantage and win new business!

We will present our unique process control solutions which can monitor your manufacturing process at the most important and detailed level – on the Shop Floor!

Presented by Sylvie NAMBOTIN – Business Development INFODREAM

The show brings together 80 exhibitors of Software developers, vendors and industrial experts and attracts 2500 visitors. The theme of this 19th edition is:

“Managing Production in a chaotic environment – tools and solutions.”

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