Qual@xy MES Software: Increase Quality & Reduce Cost

Qual@xy Suite is an integrated group of quality and production software modules for industry 4.0. Qual@xy Suite provides a unique insight into your manufacturing process allowing you to plan and manage quality whilst increasing plant efficiency and productivity.

Integrating the various modules not only provides you an efficient way of managing information, but also significantly improves the way information can be communicated and shared.

Our MES software provides a personal user experience, with user configurable web style screens allowing each person of the company to view only the information of interest at any one time.


  • Continuous improvement: Our solutions and our services focus on production data tracking and analysis in order to collaborate to continuous improvement process and lean manufacturing.
  • Non-conformance reduction: A better control and analysis of your production will reduce your non-conformance parts.
  • Cost reduction: Thanks to our manufacturing execution system, you will increase your plant efficiency and productivity.

Qual@xy MES modules

SPC Vision is a SPC software for Real Time Process Control

SPC Vision is our Real-Time Quality Control & SPC Software.

  • Data collection
  • Real time quality control and SPC
  • Immediate process feedback and statistical analysis
  • Comfortable operator interface
  • Advances features to suit many applications
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Check’n Go is a production software for electronic work instructions.

Check’n Go enables a true paperless workshop.

  • Work Order management
  • Electronic job card and work instructions
  • Traceability and compliance
  • Analyze production performance
  • Simple IT integration and deployment
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Ctrl Vision, Incoming Quality Control software in order to accept or refuse supplier batches.

Ctrl Vision is a module for monitoring and managing incoming and outgoing product quality levels.

  • Integrated Reception Control Module
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
  • Supplier performance monitoring
  • Clear and complete reporting
  • Conforms to standards ISO2859 and ISO3951
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Qual@xy Dashboard allow you to see quality KPI Monitoring & Reporting

Intuitive and user friendly, Qual@xy Dashboard is the central quality portal for our MES Suite.

  • KPI Monitoring and Analysis
  • Quickly prioritize improvement actions
  • Share quality data across enterprise
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Personalized web interface
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