Defect map : 5 step analysis

Defect Map analysis is extremely visual and intuitive with only a few clicks to provide all the information you need to focus your process improvement efforts.

1. Reject overview

Monitor the total number of defects, the general trend and the location where the defects are occurring.

2. Trend for each defect

The next step is to analze the trend for each of the individual defects.

3. Focus your efforts

Attack the issues which are going to give you the biggest improvement. Pareto charts will clearly show you which defects are causing the most problems.

4. Location of worst defects

Now you know how big the problem is and which defect is causing the most problems, it is time to begin root cause analysis. The defect map will show you the location zones where the defects are occurring.

5. Deeper analysis & action

You now have a very clear problem definition and a very narrow problem scope on which to focus your improvement activity. You can now begin to investigate root causes and test corrective actions. All this has been achieved with a few mouse clicks!  There are many other options for analysis and data filtering to help you quickly resolve problems.