Qualaxy SPC key features

1. Data collection

Qualaxy SPC (ex-SPC Vision) provides a robust solution for collecting, storing, managing and reporting shop floor measurement data.

  • Secure database for all product & process data

  • Real time reporting across standard IT network
  • Automatically Import data from any device including 3D systems, hand-held RS232 or USB devices, plc’s, process controllers…
  • Integrate with other business IT systems including MES/ERP/MRP or other ODBC databases.

2. Real Time quality control

Paper Prevent defects, identify key variables and control your process effectively using real time Statistical Process Control (SPC).

  • Live ‘Quality Dashboard’
  • Real time statistical process control charts
  • Process events, special causes, corrective action and root cause analysis.

3. Clear and immediate process analysis

Increase process understanding and eliminate timely off-line analysis using Qualaxy SPC (ex-SPC Vision).

  • Multiple quality standards including QS9000, ISO-TS, AFNOR…
  • Configurable list of quality measures including Cp,CpK, Pp, Ppk…
  • Visual tools including Histogram, Pareto, box-plots, normality plot, defect map, bar charts
  • Control charts for variable, attribute, normal and non-normal data.

4. Robust and comfortable operator interface for the workshop

  • Electronic work instructions/SOI’s
  • Simple and limited actions for the operator
  • Configurable input screen
  • Simple color coded measurement evaluation

5. Conformance & traceability

  • Comprehensive multi-level measurement, batch, serial number traceability
  • Version controlled ‘configuration’ history trail
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 certified
  • Helps you comply with EN/AS9103, NADCAP & SC21 requirements