Gage R&R key features

1. Full Range of MSA study options

In addition to reporting Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R), SPC Vision R&R also allows you to study other factors present in the measurement system including: Gage Accuracy, Gage Linearity, Gage Bias, Gage Repeatability, Gage Stability, Gage Correlation.

2. Gage R&R Reporting

‘Gage R&R’ module provides the familiar ‘spread sheet’ R&R reports and also a range of graphical analysis including: R&R 6-pack summary, Control Charts, Variation by part, Variation by operator, Operator / part interaction.

The reports can be configured to the desired user format.

3. ‘Real’ production studies

Gage R&R studies are often conducted ‘off-line’ using test samples. Although useful, this does not fully represent the real production process. SPC Vision R&R uses real products and characteristics already being monitored in SPC Vision as the basis for the studies thus giving a true picture of the measurement system variation. This also allows R&R studies to be quickly set-up on existing products.

4. Track ‘Gage R&R’ over time

Gage R&R should be periodically re-checked (e.g. annually) and SPC Vision ‘R&R’ allows you to monitor and track results over time and view the results on control charts.

5. Data base storage

A key benefit of SPC Vision R&R is the centralized storage of all ‘Gage R&R’ studies.  Each study has its own unique reference which includes the date and gage identifier which can all be used to quickly retrieve reports. For example, you could quickly find all the studies relating to a specific measurement device.