Check'n Go

Project Description

Paperless Shop Floor Execution

You want:

  • Remove paperwork from your workshop
  • Guide operators using clear work instructions and interactive production process
  • Ensure the correct execution of your process, mistake proofed and fully traceable
  • Record measurement, actions and traceability
  • Accurately track the progress of your Work Orders
  • Accurately map and describe the real production processes
  • Fast implementation by IT team


  • Remove paperwork from your shop floor: All your work instructions and records will be gathered on Check’n Go. You won’t need any more paper in your shop floor!
  • Make your life operator easier: Operators will be guided using clear and updated work instructions. Our production software will ensure the correct execution of your process, mistake proofed and in accordance with the operator skill matrix.

Key features

  • Work Order management
  • Electronic job card and work instructions
  • Traceability and compliance
  • Analyze production performance
  • Simple IT integration and deployment
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