Process Steering Matrix

Project Description

Achieve Zero defect production using steering matrix


A steering matrix models the relationships between machine parameters and dimensions of the manufactured part. SPC Vision automatically calculates the best machine corrections based on differences in the target values of the measured parts.

Real time feedback and machine adjustment


  • More accurate machine setting
  • Achieve 100% compliance
  • Reduce process control time/cost
  • Applications: Machining, injection moulding etc.

The steering matrix in brief

Before the matrix control

With the matrix control


What is Inertial Tolerance?

What is Inertial Tolerance? An innovative and effective approach to shop floor tolerance management and process control SPC Vision V7 has incorporated ‘Inertial Tolerancing’ into its already feature packed functionality. Developed with Maurice Pillet (Savoie University), this dynamic approach enables increased manufacturing tolerance to be applied on the shop floor whilst still conforming to overall design requirements. [...]