Project Description

KPI Monitoring & Reporting

Intuitive and user friendly, Qual@xy Dashboard is our quality portal!

Qual@xy Dashboard will allow you to monitor, analyze, report and share key manufacturing and quality information across your business.

  • Trends for quality and production key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Immediate analysis of your production performance
  • Quickly prioritise continuous improvement activities
  • Fast Data-mining


  • Simplified management: You will Instantly see Best & Worst areas with Pareto charts & trends. And you will receive alerts when some issue is detected for example non-conformance high, alarms, special event.
  • Qual@xy Dashboard is customizable: Whether you are a production or quality manager, engineer or continuous improvement leader, you will access directly to your KPI. Process improvement: Our quality dashboard is totally focused on process improvement, the visual KPI will allow you to auto-analyze and quickly prioritize improvement actions.

Key features

  • All key data in one place
  • Personalized, clear and visual reporting
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Historical data mining
  • Qual@xy for everyone
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