Change management assistance

A continuous improvement project is a global procedure where all the employees of the company are involved.

Most of the time, the manager chooses alone to go or not to go on this project. However, to succeed on this project, it has to be a collective initiation to:

  • Expected objectives
  • Advantages related to the implementation of a measurement management tool
  • Monitoring results
  • Improvement procedure

Project Management

project management Infodream
  • Project definition and scoping

We participate and define together the scope and the objectives of your project: Production (machines and process, procedures, products and characteristics), Human Resources (project team, training plan), IT (architecture, interfaces definition), and targets (project KPI, initial values, objective values).

  • Project management

Infodream will be the partner of your project managers. We define together the planning, the several steps, the progress reports, regarding your constraints and obligations. Thanks to our experience, we can adapt to your productions constraints.

  • Change management assistance

We support you from the beginning to the end of the project, none of our service (i.e. training, coaching, support or other services) is subcontracted. Change management assistance is integrated since the beginning and during the whole project, with your company culture, values and history.  We can participate also to the transition between the project phase and the production phase in order to sustain your continuous improvement efforts.

  • Training

We define together the objectives and the training: which message do you want to transmit? which points do you want to focus on? Before Qual@xy SPC training, you can have a SPC presentation: what is SPC? How does it work?
Complete statistical training is also possible, such as management of abnormality case, defaults processing (attributes, aspects, …)

  • Writing of SPC Charter for your company

The SPC Charter is the definition of the best practices and your parameter choice. It is also a SPC reference for example with your clients and supplier’s exchanges: here are the criteria we use, our objective values, formulas…
We define with the concerned services (Methods, Quality…) the SPC charter of the company: how to approve a measurement tool (methods and minimum values of gauge R&R…), how to configure the characteristics monitoring (objective capability, SPC control chart type, alarms launching rules…) according to the maturity of the product (new product, new process, controlled production…)