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SME: Digitize Your Workshop In 2021

Webinar Replay: SMEs, ETI, your workshop will be digitised in 2021! Myth or reality?

English speaking.

« SME : digitize your workshop in 2021! Is it achievable? »

You’ve heard of Industry 4.0, but what is it really about?
Is it for me? Should I go now before I am overtaken by the competition? And how?

In this webinar you will find out:

– what are the immediate benefits for you and your teams;
how to initiate your 4.0 transition, with what initial investment (material and financial) and in what timeframe?

What is needed on the shopfloor?

Ben Allister, CEO of Infodream Ltd

Webinar in English presented by Ben Allister,
CEO of Infodream Ltd, our subsidiary based in Cardiff, UK

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