French speaking. Target audience: quality, production, control, metrology, management

Our webinar series continues…
In this new episode, we will explain how to achieve capable processes using SPC (Statistical Process Control).

During the last century and mainly after the Second World War, mankind has continuously improved the quality of its production and reduced the quantity of controlled products.

To do this, there are tools that come from statistics and are simple to implement. The SPC is one of them.

In this webinar we will explain what histograms, capability indicators and control charts are.

You will also attend a live demo of the Qualaxy SPC* software.

*Qualaxy SPC is the SPC module of the Qual@xy Suite, the ready-to-use M.E.S for Industry 4.0.

Qualaxy SPC software by Infodream

The SPC software enables real-time analysis of your processes and alerts you if control limits are exceeded. Infodream © Infodream

Webinar presented by:

Sylvie Nambotin,
Sales Department Leader at Infodream.

Rachida Benferhat-Ould Braham,
Consultant, Senior instructor.