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Editor & integrator of MES software // Expert in industrial process control
+1 206-557-8200 (USA) / +44 2920 647010 (UK) / +33 4 79 34 31 20 (FR)

Infodream is a publisher and integrator of MES software
for the quality and control of manufacturing processes in industry

Infodream is a publisher
& integrator of MES software
for the quality and control
of manufacturing processes
in industry

Infodream Company: an international company

Head office

Infodream Company
Aix les Bains (France)
Design, support, R & D, administrative and commercial management


Infodream Ltd
Cardiff (United Kingdom)

Infodream Inc.
Seattle (United States)

Infodream est présente dans le monde en France, au Royaume-Uni et aux Etats-Unis.


The beginnings…

Corinne Clesse, Civil Engineer, founded Infodream in 1989.

Her vision? To create a totally new SPC software that records and displays measurements (like many others), and is a real production tool for measuring and controlling a process.

Infodream delivers the first version of SPC Vision in 1995, and it is very quickly noticed by the biggest players in the industry.

A new offer

Following this success, the Infodream company is developing other software to complement quality control..

Indeed, in 2010 Infodream is delivering the process digitisation software Check’n Go. A supplier batch control module and a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visualization module for management complete the 4.0 solutions offer for the industry, always with the aim of improving quality and productivity in production.

Today, all the functions of this software are combined and unified in an innovative MES software developed for Industry 4.0: the Qual@xy Suite.

An international development

Infodream is present in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, Morocco, South Africa, China, USA, Canada…

Since 2007 we have a subsidiary in Cardiff (UK), and since 2016 a subsidiary in Seattle (USA).

Recognition of Major Groups

Thousands of workstations in hundreds of factories use the Qual@xy Suite.

We have the confidence of renowned customers (Airbus, Safran, Stellantis, Novasep, Biomérieux, Groupe Seb, etc.), many of whom have chosen our solutions as standards within their Group.

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