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Improve Supplier Acceptance Control With Mes

Webinar Replay: Improve supplier acceptance control with MES (Part 1)

French speaking. Target audience: CEO, buyer, quality manager

In this webinar, we explain how you can improve your incoming inspection and secure your production with MES.

There is nothing like optimising the quality of incoming batches to guarantee the quality of your production.
How to adapt the number of checks to be carried out according to your suppliers and the criticality of the parts or components?

Decision-makers, buyers, discover how to objectively compare the quality of products received from your different suppliers

Learn more about Qualaxy Control, the incoming inspection module of the Qualaxy MES.

Webinar presented by:

Sylvie Nambotin
Sales Department Leader at Infodream

Rachida Benferhat
Distributor of the MES Qual@xy in Maghreb

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